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Automatic Male Masturbator Cup

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About this item

  • 3 Suction & 5 Vibration Modes- 3 suction modes for choosing and the 5 frequency vibration mode provides a wealth of choices, and each mode has a strong sense of hierarchy.
  • Innovative Automatic Pump - Our male masturbator cup with latest vacuum pumping technology can mimic the sensation of real oral sex to deliver 360 °deep throat pleasure and climax.You will feel a completely female deep throat oral sex experience.
  • Premium Soft Material - This sleeve stroker is made of soft, stretchy TPE material. It provides tight silky-smooth sensation compare with other hard silicone masturbators. The stretchy material accommodates any size without girth issue while provides overwhelming life like blowjob sexual penis stimulation.
  • Automatic Heating & Real Sex Moaning - One heating button makes you feel real oral temperature inside this massager, Immerse yourself in warm sensation of real blowjob. It can reach 2 different heating temperature when you use it in summer or winter.The realistic sex moaning will give you a whole new sensory experience from the glans to the whole penis.
  • Detachable & Easy to Clean- This man masturbation cup is detachable. It has a detachable inner sleeve, which can be easily taken out from the cup to clean up under the tap. After washing and drying you can put it back into the masturbator with ease.

Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews
100% worth it!!!

Not only does it thrust, it rotates at the same time for a very unique experience. It's also nice to be able to just hold it in position over yourself and just relax while it works its magic. It's got some very soft nubs inside of it that feel very good tickling the head. I was impressed with the battery life I used for a good thirty minute stretch most of it on the highest speed and it still has some charge left after getting me across the finish line twice. It's got some really intense patterns that are great for a quickie. As for cleaning, the sleeve slides out from the mechanism that does the spinning and thrusting which makes it surprisingly easy to wash, and it comes with a spare sleeve.

Ryann Ashlie Baker
Life Changing

This is a game changer when it comes to toys. I use it almost everyday. Easy to clean and easily recharged.


This was one of the first stroker I ever bought and in terms of getting into male masturbators. I think it’s a great start.

On first use I got myself comfy, lubed up my penis, warmed up the sleeve (which I highly recommend) and lubed it up and away I went. The ribs on this masturbator add an amazing feel and texture and the subtle warmness added to the effect. Not too tight but not loose either. Just in this perfect middle ground. After a few minutes, I came into the Fleshlight and had a pretty intense orgasm.

Fleshlights can sometimes be a bit loud. Not ridiculous noise, but it can be a bit noticeable if it’s super quiet so I would just recommend this product when you have time to yourself. The clean up is easy as well, simply take the sleeve out the case and place in some warm water to clean, then let it air dry if possible and it should be good to go for next time.

Overall like I say, as a first time product, it simply does the job

Third -3
Good and cool

Product was exactly as appeared in photo. Had no smell out of box and feels quality in the hand. Very tight, feels better than flashlight in my opinion. Great suction, even with both ends open

Great quality no odor silcone

there kind of soft they add a certain pleasure that I like. Perfect size to provide that adequate tight feel of a vagina and suctioning for average size guy to get a go to sleep climax. Very easy to clean just remove the silicone. Slowly finger mild soap and warm water in both ends. Rinse with warm water thru both ends let it dry. To keep from over stretching or tearing trying clean. You can also wrap a one end of a plastic grocery bag around the tip of the silicone, then stick the other end of the plastic bag thru the hard casing to easily pull the silicone safely back into the black sleeve